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Close your eyes,
And listen to the murmur of the stream,
The songs of the birds, and the sounds of fallen leaves fluttering.

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Open your eyes,
And sense the brightness of the sunshine filtering through the branches
And leaves, the red and green colors of the trees,
And the darkness of the deep forest.

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Breathe deeply, inhale the smell of creatures,
The scent of the flowers, and the aroma of the moss.

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Sharpen your five senses and feel the signs of rain, the warmth of the sunshine,
And the coldness of the wind.

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When you have released everything, I resonate with your instinct,
And the light that sleeps inside of you will awaken.

BOSCAGE In J early summer 2019, a ryokan inn that will show you the charms of Japan will open in Okuyugawara in Japan.